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Clients' Testimonials

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We started using SingTax software in 2011. We were pleasantly surprised that learning to use SingTax was very simple it takes only a couple of hours. More importantly, we find that using SingTax helps us to be efficient in preparing tax computation and the related schedules. We have tax computations where there are long lists of new additions to fixed assets. Ensuring accurate and complete claims of capital allowances (and section 14Q etc) for these new fixed assets can be tedious and time consuming. However, with the help of SingTax, we are able to achieve this task efficiently. We would not hesitate to recommend SingTax to corporate users and or tax agents.

Paul Tan, Manager Director


We are happy with SingTax because many areas in the tax computation works where we used to incurred a lot of time to work on are AUTOMATED in SingTax. We have been using SingTax for the past 5 years and would strongly recommend to firms/companies that are involved in tax computation works to consider using SINGTAX!

Yap Yong Song, Partner


I like SINGTAX as it is easy to learn and it saves us a lot of time on checking the referencing on tax comp and tax schedules and the castings. It helps revision on tax comp much more easy as schedules are automatically updated on the changes. Tax changes are updated promptly.

Daniel Lee


SINGTAX is definitely the more efficient tool to perform tax computations compared to using spreadsheets. You need not deal with complicated formulas and print formats. Presentation is comprehensive and also easy for review purposes.

Seet Su Meng


We have used SingTax for over two years now. We are very happy with the product and the service we receive. We use SingTax for the completion of personal income tax and company tax computations. We find the workpapers and schedules to be invaluable additions to our work processes and quality control at the Firm. In addition the software is stable, causes a minimum of fuss and the team enjoy using it.

Matthew Marcarian, Principal


Two thumbs up for SINGTAX. It's user friendly yet comprehensive and have saved us lots of time. The staff prefers it to the laborious way of performing tax computations before. Great work!

Kelvin Wong


We have been using SINGTAX for quite a number of years now. Over the years, SINGTAX has improved by comprehensively covering most of the required tax schedules including areas like Section 10E companies and computation of WDA for acquisition of IPCs. SINGTAX has easy to relate icons, allows copy and paste functions and automatic saving features. With set formats and order of claims of allowances, losses and group relief transfers in accordance with the Income Tax Act for normal trading and manufacturing companies and automatic restriction of expenses calculations for pure investment holding companies, it is a very good software both for the newbie and the mature user. I will definitely recommend you to use it.

Richard Lee, Senior Tax Manager