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  1. Key Features
  2. System Requirements
  3. Screenshots


  • Current version is SINGTAX Corporate 2019. It can perform computations from YA 2001 To YA 2020.

  • Performs computations for Trading and Investment Holding Companies.

  • Performs non-S$ functional currency tax computations.

  • Data can be imported from popular data formats such as MS Excel, DBF etc. into the following entry modules of the system: Profit and Loss (P&L) Account, Expenses and Fixed Assets.

  • Ability to perform unlimited properties' rental income and automatic time apportionment of expenses for vacant periods.

  • A centralised Fixed Assets Registry provides a convenient single point of data entry for all details pertaining to a fixed asset. Capital allowances (including enhanced allowance under PIC) are calculated automatically based on Working Life Years type selected. Hire purchase payment details, foreign car claim restriction in HP schedule, disposals, industrial building allowance, land intensification allowance, investment allowance and Section 14Q deductions (including capping rules) are all handled within this centralised registry and integrated by the system to the tax computation automatically.

  • Provide modules for other advanced tax adjustments including the movement in provision (e.g. doubtful debts, warranties, etc.) table, 1 year (or 3-years) loss carry-back relief, group relief; further deductions, etc.

  • Supports Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme.

  • Supports Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) pooling system from YA 2012 onwards.

  • For loss making companies, the unabsorbed capital allowances, losses or donations which arose from prior years of assessments (YA) are neatly tabulated in the Unutilised items brought forward/carried forward table and carried forward automatically for each YA. As such, the tracking of all these prior YAs' loss items and their YAs are systematically and automatically done. Moreover, in the current YA, SINGTAX determines the order of set-off for the utilisation of these matrix of loss items; sets-off the loss items according to ITA and carry forward any balance of unabsorbed loss items for you, ALL automatically.

  • Results of the computations are produced in a very comprehensive and structured output format with Contents Page, Tax Computation and unlimited Tax Supporting Schedules.

  • Results of the tax computation can be exported to Form C, Form IRIN 301, Form C-S and ECI Form for printing.

  • Tax Computations produced can be exported to Excel, PDF and RTF file formats.

  • Data can be carried forward from one YA to another (e.g. YA 2019 to YA 2020) easily. This feature saves lots of time wasted moving c/f values to b/f values, re-entering previous YA items such as Rental Income, Fixed Assets, etc.

  • Single user / Multi-user. Databases can reside on a network server hard disk and shared by two or more connected users.

  • Great ease of use with intuitive navigator and on-line help.


  • Intel® Core™ i3 or higher

  • 4 GB of RAM or higher

  • 50 GB of available hard-disk space

  • Super VGA (1366 X 768) or higher-resolution video adapter or monitor

  • One available USB port

  • Windows® 7 /8 /10

  • Windows® Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016 for Multi-User installation


Corporate Tax - Singtax Main Screen with Database Opened
Figure 1: SINGTAX Corporate Main Screen (with database opened)

Corporate Tax - Expenses Record Screen
Figure 2: Expenses record

Corporate Tax - Training Expenditure Record Screen
Figure 3: Training Expenditure record.

Corporate Tax - Fixed Assets Record Screen
Figure 4: Fixed Assets record

Corporate Tax - Print Preview - Tax computation for a trading company
Figure 5-1: Tax Computation for a trading company.

Corporate Tax - Print Preview - Tax computation for a trading company - continuation
Figure 5-2: Tax Computation for a trading company (cont’d).

Corporate Tax - Print Preview - Expenses Schedules
Figure 6: Expenses Schedules.

Corporate Tax - Print Preview - Non-HP assets capital allowances schedule
Figure 7: Non-HP Assets Capital Allowances Schedule.

Corporate Tax - Print Preview - Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme Schedule

Figure 8: Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme Schedule